Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Voyage of N206MX "Smix" The Seaplane

20 Countries, 200 flight Hours, 20,000NM
and 2 sore bums =
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So our voyage to find out what amazing lands and people lay up north and east of home is almost over but the hardest part starts now.    I get to look through over 15,000 photos and oodles of notes and tattered charts to expand the blog and turn it into a printed photo-blog-adventure book and accompanying video DVD.   I hope it will be a colourful, light- hearted record of a voyage, discovering places and people that were truly wonderful in countries I never thought I would get to visit. Many funny and unexpected things happened along the way and we met remarkable and generous people in every country.

If you are a seaplane pilot, these pages might give you ideas for a trip of your own and certainly many of the places mentioned deserve a visit.  I am not shy about writing about my mistakes. May this allow you to avoid them.

If you are not a pilot, I hope that via this book, I can share the feeling of traveling by seaplane.   Marga and I traveled the low budget (except for the fuel costs!), high adventure way. Minimal planning, minimal hotels and maximum openness to head anywhere that seemed exciting.  We never planned to go all the way to the last stop before the North Pole for example.  We were told it was possible and about a week later headed off!   Our guides were the people we met along the way and our only constraint were the weather and the seasons.  So 6MX, "Smix", was our little sea bird and it lead us up north in the spring and back to the south in the autumn.

If you are someone that we met along the way, I hope these will be fun pages to have around.  You probably are in them and the story of how we met is probably told within these pages.

 Please let me know if you would like to reserve a  copy.